Link & Learn International


多言語カルチャースクール、Link and Learnインターナショナルへの関心をお寄せいただきありがとうございます。




To all those seeking opportunities to learn, those eager to reignite their language studies, and those interested in learning from international instructors, thank you for your interest in Link and Learn International, your multilingual cultural school.

At our school, we're committed to offering all lessons in various languages. From physical activities to creative hobby classes and cooking, we're expanding our diverse range of courses to cater to your interests. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to supporting the growth of each student through engaging and easily understandable lessons. We foster an environment where communication between students and instructors flourishes and actively respond to student needs, ensuring an open and supportive learning environment.

We prioritize giving back to our community by contributing a portion of our profits to local organizations, thus supporting community revitalization and helping our students lead more enriched lifestyles.

Unlock endless learning opportunities with Link and Learn International! Whether you're itching to brush up on your language skills or dive into a new culture or making new local friends, our multilingual school is the perfect place for you. Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in cultures and take a step towards personal growth. We're here to support you fully as you embark on new challenges. Come and join us for a trial lesson. We eagerly await your participation.

  • 初心者でも安心!楽しいプログラム

  • リアルな英語を聞いて、英語力を磨こう

  • 自然に友達をつくるコミュニティ型多言語カルチャースクール