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Bouncing Back - Discussion on Overcoming Adversity


6/6 collaborative event with kizuna collective- 6月6日英会話ディスカッションサロン

Bouncing Back – Discussion on Overcoming Adversity Group Meditation

A short group meditation & cozy discussion salon where we'll chat about the topic of ‘bouncing back’ – personal experiences of overcoming setbacks and discovering new opportunities in adversity.

Whether it’s coping with loss or finding strength in difficult times, this is a space to share stories from our past (and present!) and support each other.

​🔍 ​​Basic Details 
​When? Thursday June 6th, 19:00-20:30
Where? Ikenoue Studio
Who? Anyone is welcome!
Cost? Free, and donations are appreciated :)
Language? English

How it works: we do a few short rounds of chatting in different pairs/small groups, on question prompts that we’ve prepared (although you’re welcome to freely share about anything on this topic!), and then end with some whole-group sharing. As part of our gathering, bilingual yoga instructor Meera Sensei will lead us in a short meditation to help center our minds and bodies. 

Bring your thoughts, your experiences, and let's have a meaningful conversation!

Important disclaimer: while we will endeavor to create a safe & brave space for vulnerable sharing & connecting, this is not intended to be group therapy nor a substitute for professional mental health support. If you are working through serious issues, we encourage you to seek help from a licensed professional.

​⏳ Agenda
​19:00 - Doors open, mingling time
19:10 - Lightly facilitated small group discussions, followed by whole group sharing
20:15 - Group meditation led by Meera Sensei
20:30 - Fin

​💸 Participation fee
Link and Learn International is covering all operational costs for this event, so you can attend for free! If you find the event valuable and enjoyable, we kindly ask for a small donation (suggested: 500 yen) at the end of the event. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Ikenoue Studio (2-48-21 Daizawa Setagaya) 5 mins from Shibuya by train and walking distance from Shimokitazawa
Google maps link: https://maps.app.goo.gl/Ab9sdEdnqF1TUGoS8

🌱 About kizuna collective
​kizuna collective is a group of friendly people of all ages in tokyo who value curiosity, authenticity, and vulnerability. we're trying to build an alternative to default modes of socializing (parties & bars, unfulfilling conversations, spending a lot of yen) by hosting a diverse range of cozy, unconventional gatherings focused on forging meaningful 'kizuna' (絆 – connections, bonds of belonging). Follow us here & on insta for updates on upcoming events ❤️ 

​🌱 About Link & Learn International
Link and Learn International is Tokyo’s learning hub, offering diverse classes like fitness sessions and cultural workshops, and hosting community activities for international development in Ikenoue and Shimokitazawa. All sessions are conducted in both English and Japanese, or multiple languages, promoting learning with local Japanese participants and enriching your global perspective. Discover a community where joy and growth await, tailored to your interests and age group. It's more than personal development; we are committed to the community, offering volunteer opportunities to help build a multicultural, inclusive environment.
Website: https://linkandlearn.jp/

If you find that you are unable to attend the event, we kindly request that you notify us by messaging or email at least two days in advance. Unfortunately, the Peatix system does not allow for ticket cancellations directly, so your timely notification will help us manage the event more effectively. 

📨 Inquires
info@linkandlearn.jp or kizunacollectivetokyo@gmail.com

今回のイベントはLink and Learn Internationalとkizuna collectiveとのコラボレーションイベントです。日本人ボランティアスタッフはおりますが、進行および会話は全て英語で行われます。


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